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Thong Underwear For Men
Thong Underwear For Men

Thong underwear for men


See the hottest men's thongs, g-strings, bikinis and so much more at

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Thong Underwear for Men

Thong underwear for men designs have been the shooting star of men’s underwear style and new fashions.

Turns out the ladies had it right all along. Not only does thong underwear for men look better under your jeans and business suits it feels better too. Men are finally starting to get it. Thong underwear for men designs are the most exciting category of underwear fashion and in fact this season thong swimwear for men has shoot up as the new suit for the beach and pool parties. Like many fashions with an edge thong underwear for men first gained popularity in Europe. Both thong underwear for men and thong swimwear for men are standard items in the European man’s wardrobe. You almost never see men in Europe wearing anything but bikinis and thongs at the beach and thong underwear now accounts for a large portion of retail sales in Europe. Men in the USA have been moving quickly to add thong underwear for men to their wardrobes. You see men at the gym now wearing thongs as part of their workout attire.  Thongs offer great support and no panty lines. It took years for men to catch on to watch women have known for years, panty lines are ugly! Thongs on the beach for men and women are just outstanding designs that shape and outline the rear end putting it on display as it should be. When you visit beaches in place like Brazil literally everyone is wearing thongs showing as much cheek as possible. It looks healthy, it’s fun and it is always exciting to see men and women wearing them. It is also fun to be seen wearing thongs. Many men find them highly arousing. After years of wearing briefs and boxers shorts thong underwear for men can be very erotic and sensuous  all things you should allow yourself to enjoy. I remember at first when I would wear thong underwear in the gym guys would look at me. Now so many men wear them that if you are wearing a great style other guys will come up to you and ask what brand and where did you get them.  My girlfriend goes out and loves shopping for my thongs. She loves seeing me try them on and she always makes me wear my thong bathing suit to all the pool parties we go to. Other guys get jealous when their girlfriends and wives want to know more about my suit and all the attention I get. A number of my friends who swore they would never switch are now wearing thong underwear for men and thong swimwear styles too. There has never been a better time

For finding the perfect thong underwear or swimwear. Thongs are available in many styles including high cut fronts, low cut fronts, narrow and ultra narrow pouches. There are so many pouch styles available including micro and ultra micro pouches designed to make you look small, fem style male to female transformation designs made to have you look female and male enhancement designs made to make you look as large as possible.

So many designs. Rear designs of thong underwear for men and thong swimwear for men have one thing in common. No rear coverage other than a small triangle of fabric at the top of the rear. There is a strip of fabric that lays between your cheeks and covers your hole. This is one of the aspects the differentiates thongs and g-strings. G-strings have just a thing string that goes between the cheeks and everything from the rear is exposed. Hole and all. Very sexy but not as comfortable for daily use as a thong.

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Thong Underwear for Men is both functional and fun, fetish and stylish and above all exciting to wear!

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